Unreal Editor 4 for Linux

I recently discovered that the Unreal Editor 4 has an early-access branch available for Linux! So I decided to pull it down and give it a whirl in Ubuntu 15.04.

So if you want to use the free/open-source version of the editor, first you have to request access to the github repository. You’ll need to make an Epic Games account and once you’re logged in, link your github username to your account from the Profile tab. These instructions can be found here: https://www.unrealengine.com/ue4-on-github

Once you have access to the repo, make sure you’re on a beefy computer, since we’ll be compiling massive amounts of C++ code.

Update: Ugh, ok, so this was even more intense to compile than I expected. So I could continue using my computer while this runs, I decided to add some niceness to the compilation process. This will slow down the build process, but it won’t murder your computer if you need to use it, either.

git clone -b 4.8 https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine.git
cd UnrealEngine
nice -n20 make SlateViewer
nice -n20 make UE4Editor ARGS=-clean
nice -n20 make UE4Editor UE4Game UnrealPak CrashReportClient ShaderCompileWorker UnrealLightmass
cd Engine/Binaries/Linux && ./UE4Editor

Only 2 hours later, I finally have it working!

I’ve got several thousand shaders to compile before I can actually get into using it, but it looks like the editor is fully featured and working pretty well.


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