A quick rant

I know it’s a little early in my blog-posting career to rage over something, but this inconvenience has cost me an entire day of work. I am speaking of the wonderful OS X Snow Leopard. I was chosen a few months ago as one of the lucky few in my office who got to install 10.6.1 (or rather, the only IT guy who could cope with the update and patches.)

The update from Leopard to Snow Leopard wantonly destroyed my system fonts and trashed any semblance of networking I once had. Luckily, between my boss’s Apple wizardry and myself, we were able to cobble together enough working hacks to turn this appalling mess into something resembling useful.

I even wrote a simple cron job to cope with exactly this.

Well, on Friday evening of last week, I unwisely shut down my computer and accepted to install the security updates suggested to me by the Software Update program. Monday morning comes around and my network connection is dropping and reconnecting so much I actually managed to kill the chat server for the office. I quickly remove as many hacks as I can remember, but nothing keeps the network stable enough to even google for help.

My hand being forced, I chose to reformat my poor Mac Mini and begin the arduous install of plain-old Leopard. Even got to go home early and work from there. (Linux FTW!) I’m almost entirely caught up in the hours I lost, and my completely clean install is finally shaping back into a familiar environment.

I know that people’s decisions of operating systems is more like a religious choice than anything else, but having spent so much time with Windows, Mac and Linux, I believe I can make an expert assessment and say that OS X sucks. Sorry Apple, nothing personal; your stand-alone devices are still the most usable and adored in the market, but when it comes to computers you guys are far below the competition.

I’ve never had as many problems with Windows as I’ve had with either Macs or on any flavor of Linux, but at least Linux has a good community and is open and customizable enough for me to get under the hood and fix my problems. OS X just combines the sucky parts of both Windows and Linux, and then applies a beautiful user interface over top of it so you don’t notice.

I see through your fancy veneer of glossy buttons and reflective docks, Apple. OS X is merely a graphical hack on an unfinished FreeBSD distro. If I wasn’t stuck using Macs at work, I’d abandon this feeble attempt for an operating system until I discover evidence that there is some significant improvement in the realm of Macintosh.

… so there. 😛

A quick rant

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